Timber Sector

Timber windows and doors have long been favoured in many homes because of their traditional look and aesthetic appeal. Timber has great thermal properties to help keep out the winter cold while adding a warmth no other material can match. Well sealed timber windows will keep the weather out while letting the natural light into your home. Adding optional double-glazing can keep out heat and noise during summer.

If you have a period style home, timber is your first choice for keeping true to your home’s original character and appeal. There is simply no match for traditional style windows and doors in your home to help retain its character and value.

The traditional timber window frame material is hardwood.  Hardwood today is plantation grown and can be easily crafted into the various components required to create timber windows.  While other materials come and go, timber remains a constant choice for those seeking to add beauty, grace and style to their homes. Since timber can be either painted or stained, it can compliment any décor. The natural grain of timber exudes a feeling of warmth and adds to the unique character of a home. Paint provides long-lasting protection to the timber and allows you to change your colour schemes easily. Timber is favoured for window manufacturing due to its good material properties: high strength to weight ratio, good thermal and sound insulating properties, and it doesn’t corrode. It is used for the window frame as well as the sash. 

At Skilled & Reliable we hand-craft our timber windows, doors and other joinery using a wide range of Australian and imported timbers chosen for their specific properties and suitability to each role. Species used include Western Red Cedar, Tasmanian Oak, Victorian Ash, Mountain Ash, Kwila, Spotted Gum, Grey Ironbark and quality paint-finish hardwoods.